martedì 31 agosto 2010

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giovedì 19 agosto 2010

xxSloth...super attack :D

This is his super attack...he has very smelly feet an' so the attack is described by himself!! This is so powerful that the brain surrenders!

lunedì 16 agosto 2010

Il nonno di wolverine!!

-let's look!!
-what is that?! an ape?!
-an alien?
-No.that is...
-he's the wolverine granfather!!
wolverine- hi guys!! I'm get old,but my hair are young,beatiful!why?! 'cause I use IDROTOX and my hair are so strong and thick! You must use IDROTOX,'cause it's perfect for u!
-ahh this idea is a shit!

sabato 14 agosto 2010

Ratman vs Naruto!!

This is a fan art I drew to a contest. This is a photo so the quality is very low,but the effect is great!!

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